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Silica sand is the world’s second-most consumed resource after water, and it is running out. As the primary ingredient used in all types of glass manufacturing and concrete, it is the foundational ingredient of the modern city.
Silica sand also has a crucial role to play in the global decarbonisation effort. High purity silica sand with a low iron content is needed for the high-tech flat glass used in solar panels and smart screen technology.

VRX Silica is the most advanced pure-play silica sand company on the ASX, and perfectly positioned to capitalise on this unique opportunity for Western Australia to supply a growing silica sand market and meet rising global demand.

The Company is developing its portfolio of five high-quality silica sand projects – the Arrowsmith North, Brand Silica and Central Silica Sand Projects, located 270km north of Perth, the Muchea Silica Sand Project 50km north of Perth, and the Boyatup Silica Sand Project, 100km east of Esperance all located in Western Australia.

The company’s most advanced project, Arrowsmith North, is on track to commence production in 2024 subject to environmental approvals.

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Project Locations

VRX Silica is developing its portfolio of high-quality silica sand projects the Arrowsmith North Silica Sand Project, Arrowsmith Brand Silica Sand Project and Arrowsmith Central Silica Sand Project, located 270km north of Perth, the Muchea Silica Sand Project, 50km north of Perth, and the Boyatup Silica Sand Project, 100km east of Esperance all located in Western Australia.

VRX has completed bankable feasibility studies on the Arrowsmith North, Arrowsmith Central and Muchea projects that all support 25 years of economic production, with the potential to produce high-quality silica sand for more than 100 years.

The projects also benefit from adjacent rail lines connecting to ports in Geraldton (Arrowsmith) and Kwinana (Muchea), and by road to the port at Esperance (Boyatup).

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