Boyatup Silica Sand Project


The Boyatup Silica Sand Project is located about 125km east of Esperance in Western Australia, and is connected by sealed road to the Esperance Port.

Boyatup has a total Mineral Resource of 60 million tonnes at 97.8% SiO2, and sits on two tenements E69/3560 and E69/3668 for a total project area of 124 km².

Boyatup is subtly different to VRX’s projects at Arrowsmith and Muchea. Size distribution indicates a ‘fine’ product suitable for different glass-making industries.

Comprehensive metallurgical testwork will determine the specification of potential products that can be produced from the in-situ sand resource at Boyatup. Once the potential products are identified, a marketing study will help to maximise the economic value of the Project.

Image 2: Exploration licences at the Boyatup Silica Sand Project relative to the Esperance Port

Mineral Resource 

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