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VRX Silica is focused on supplying the global demand for silica sand.

VRX Silica identified the silica sand shortage in the Asia-Pacific region as a unique opportunity for Western Australia. The shortage, which is predicted to worsen with dwindling local supplies and increasing demand, has caused an increase in price. The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 47% of global demand for silica sand and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 7.7% during the 2021 – 2027 period according to a market research report by QuantAlign Research.

VRX Silica and its Western Australian Silica Sand Projects are well positioned to meet this rising demand in the Asia-Pacific markets for silica sand.

VRX Silica

Paul Boyatzis.

B Bus, ASA, MSDIA, CPA Non-Executive Chairman

Bruce Maluish

BSc (Surv), Dip Met Min Managing Director

Peter Pawlowitsch

B.Com, MBA, CPA Non-Executive Director
Arrowsmith Silica Sand Project Muchea Silica Sand Project Biranup Gold, Base Metals project Boyatup Silica Sand Project Perth Kalgoorlie Newman Esperance

Projects Locations

VRX Silica has acquired high-quality silica sand projects at Arrowsmith Silica Sand Project, located 270km north of Perth in WA, at Muchea Silica Sand Project, 50km north of Perth, and Boyatup Silica Sand Project, 100km east of Esperance. All locations have the potential for substantial Mineral Resources and benefit from adjacent rail lines connecting to ports in Geraldton (Arrowsmith), Kwinana (Muchea) and by road to the port at Esperance (Boyatup).

VRX Silica has recently vended the Biranup gold and base metals project in regional Western Australia into a new dedicated explorer called NickelX Ltd. VRX Silica retains an interest in the success of the project in the new company.

VRX Silica is wholly focused on becoming a global high quality Silica Sand producer and exporter.

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The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 47% of global demand for silica sand and is predicted to grow by 7.7% during 2021 – 2027.

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